Septic tank contains three chambers. Every chamber are connected with an opening. Each opening has a filter that does not allows large particles to pass through it.


Aeration septic tank involves aeration pumps that inject the bacteria inside it. These bacteria are responsible for breaking down the waste particles. This process releases a bad odor. It is why the lid of septic tanks plays a crucial role. Septic tank lids cover the bad smell and do not allows them to come out from the septic tank.


These tanks are fit inside the ground that is why many of them have septic tank risers, that are visible above the ground.

It is essential to change the septic tank covers time to time. This article is all about why you need to change the lid with time


Reasons to shift septic tank lid


    •    Risers for the septic tank are visible above the ground. It is essential to replace the cover over time because these lids face various weather conditions. Due to continuous changes in weather, the lid faces erosion.  It the lid is not changed then after a particular time it will break, and lousy odor will come out in the environment.

    •    In several places, it has been observed that the above surface of the septic tank is in use. Therefore, the septic tank lid riser undergoes several pressures. For safety purposes, many people also use a plastic septic tank lid and plastic septic tank covers. These are more durable and make sure of the strength of the septic tank.

    •    Along with time, septic tank covers get cracked. So, it is more important to replace the septic tank lid from time to time.


Water in the septic tanks comes from the bathrooms and other drainage systems. Septic tank lid suppresses the bad odor from the container. It is replaced from time to time for safety purposes.


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