Utilities, Types and Working Principles of Sump Pump Float Switches


The primary utilities of float switches are the detection of water level in the septic tanks. This vertical float switch act as alarms and helps to control the connected pump and other set of devices which works together. These switches help in energizing electrical pump and thereby helps to pump out the liquid to such an extent which is suitable for the septic tank to facilitate properly.

After the required level of water is reached, the switch gets turned off. Most of the switches can be manually adjusted and this includes the likes of hysteresis principle mode of working. Thus, he turns off points are lower than most of the turn on points as seen in most cases.

Types of float switches

There are mainly three subgroups of float switch for sump pump:

  • The first type makes use of mercury in order to switch a hinged flat from within.
  • The second type is a microswitch which functions by raising the rod.
  • The third type is fully equipped to produce magnetic moment from the surrounding of the tube with the help of reed switch which is pre-installed within the tube.


In the earlier days, the float switches used to work on the principle of opening and closing of the dry contacts. It used to send electrical signals which would help to set off low level water alarms. Switches were run on Magnetic reeds which used to bring the circuit to a close once the lowest water level point was reached. One of the major drawbacks of using such switches was their limited usage and short span of replacement. These made the switches quite expensive in the first place.

Nowadays the sump pump float switches have been modified a lot of which has made them quite reliable to the consumers and has also curbed the expense. These switches are now used for multiple purposes such as water level detection due to the use of various proves. The sensor probes prevent the passage of electricity thus preventing further deterioration of the whole setup. The alarm systems have also been tweaked thus there are plenty of options ranging from single alarm system to multiple alarms.

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