Septic Tank Care Products


There are many septic tank care products and additives that are available for aerobic or septic systems. The wide range of variety of septic tank care products includes anaerobic and aerobic bacteria, septic chlorine tablets, line cleaner, root killer, dechlorination tablets, and many more. There is sludge sampler that is used to measure the amount of sludge that is present in the septic tank, the sludge sampler suggests the requirement of the sludge that is to be pumped out. In this article I will discuss about different septic tank care products.



Bacteria Additives

Anaerobic bacteria and aerobic bacteria are used in every month. These additives are very simple and easy to use and can easily break down solid wastes like fats, greases and oils. These bacteria additives can also eliminate the strong and bad odor that comes from the septic tank.

Septic Chlorine Tablets 

Chlorine tablets or chlor tablets are applied in the septic tank to disinfect the total amount of waste water that drains out from the aerobic septic system. Septic tablets not only reliably disinfects the waste water, but it also prevents or eliminates the growth of any kind of harmful bacteria in the septic tank.  3–6 chlorine tablets should be placed in the tablet feeder for proper working.

Line Cleaner and Root Killer

The root killer is a product that immediately turns into foam when it comes in contact with water. This foam contains root killing agents and covers the entire pipeline. Root killers are highly recommended by the professionals for any type of root problems. The line cleaner is used to attack the extra accumulated materials and it restores the flow of water in sewage lines.

Sludge Sampler

The sludge is used to measure the amount that is present in the septic tank. Sludge samples can be taken accurately and quickly with the help of this product.


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